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Welcome to FINE POWEREX Co., Ltd.
Welcome to FINE POWEREX Co., Ltd.

Fine Powerex SMPS

FLS Series

◎ General industrial applications
◎ Resonant Converter (except FLS15~60)
◎ AC input 187 ~ 264 V
    (AC input  99V~132V/ 198V~264V : FLS1000-S, FLS1500-S)
◎ Cooling by Free Air Convection(FLS15~250)
◎ Forced Air Cooling by built-in DC FAN(FLS350~1500)
◎ 3 years warranty
◎ Built-in Inrush Current
◎ Protections : Short circuit/Over-load/Over-voltage/




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FLS 목록
IMG   Model   Rated Voltage   Rated Current Catalogue Dimension Safety 바로가기
FLS15 5V/9V/12V/15V/    24V 3A/1.6A/1.3A/1A/    0.63A FLS15W.pdf  FLS15W-Dime.pdf  FLS 15.dwg  FLS15W-512152448 CE.pdf  FLS15W-051224 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS30 5V/9V/12V/15V/    24V 6A/3.3A/2.5A/2A/    1.25A FLS30W.pdf  FLS30W-Dime.pdf  FLS 30.dwg  FLS30W-512152448 CE.pdf  FLS30W-051224 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS60 5V/12V/15V/    24V 12A/5A/4A/     2.5A FLS60W.pdf  FLS60W-Dime.pdf  FLS 60.dwg  CE_FLS60-05_12_15_24_48.pdf  FLS60W-1224 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS80 5V/12V/15V/    24V 16A/6.7A/5.4A/    3.4A FLS80W.pdf  FLS80W-Dime.pdf  FLS 80.dwg  FLS80W-512152448 CE.pdf  FLS80W-1224 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS120 5V/12V/15V/    24V 24A/10A/8A/     5A FLS120W.pdf  FLS120W-Dime.pdf  FLS 120.dwg  FLS120W-512152448 CE.pdf  FLS120W-1224 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS150 5V/12V/15V/    24V 30A/12.5A/10A/    6.25A FLS150W.pdf  FLS150W-Dime.pdf  FLS 150.dwg  FLS150-05_12_15_24_48 CE DOC.pdf  FLS150W-1224 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS250 5V/12V/15V/    24V/48V 50A/23.4A/18.6A/    11.7A/5.8A FLS250W.pdf  FLS250W-Dime.pdf  FLS 250.dwg  CE_FLS250-12_24_48.pdf  FLS250W-122448 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS350 5V/12V/15V/    24V 70A/29.2A/23.4A/    14.6A FLS350W.pdf  FLS350W-Dime.pdf  FLS 350.dwg  FLSFWS300300A350350A-122448 CE.pdf  FLS350W-1224 방송통신기가재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS600 5V/12V/24V 120A/40A/25A FLS600W.pdf  FLS600W-Dime.pdf  FLS 600.dwg  FLS600W-1224 CE.pdf  FLS600W-1224 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS1000 5V/12V24V/    48V 200A/83.3A/41.6A/    20.8A FLS1000W.pdf  FLS1000W-Dime.pdf  FLS 1000.dwg  CE_FLS1500-12_24_48 FLS1000-12_24_48.pdf  FLS10001500-122448 UL.pdf  FLS1000W-24V 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf 
FLS1500 5V/12V/24V/    48V 300A/110A/60A/    30A FLS1500W.pdf  FLS1500W-Dime.pdf  FLS 1500.dwg  CE_FLS1500-12_24_48 FLS1000-12_24_48.pdf  FLS10001500-122448 UL.pdf  FLS1500W-24V 방송통신기자재.pdf  자료준비중입니다.pdf