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Welcome to FINE POWEREX Co., Ltd.
Welcome to FINE POWEREX Co., Ltd.

Company Overview


FINE POWEREX Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is one of the leading Switching mode Power Supply manufacturers
in the world, partnering with well-known companies such as POSCO, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, KEPCO(Korea
Electric Power Corporation), CERAGEM, ADT CAPS Etc. 
Our power converters have applications in highly diverse fields, ranging from medical equipment, communications, LED
lighting to industrial equipment. Especially regarding our standard AC/DC converter series, your attention is invited to
the following point:we have succeeded in the mass production of so-called, “the next generation SMPS” with  “the resonance
circuit”,  “the current monitoring Circuit”, and “the synchronous rectifier circuit.” We strongly believe that this innovative
and new technology will become the future norm in the power supply field, and we are the leader in this transition.
(주)화인파워렉스(FINE POWEREX CO., LTD.)는 지난 2006년 설립된 이래, POWER SUPPLIES를 POSCO, 삼성전자,
한국전력, (주)세라젬, (주)에이디티캡스 등 국/내외 유수 고객에게 납품해 온 명실공히 최고의 SMPS 전문 생산 업체입니다.
통신용(COMMUNICATIONS), LED 조명용(LED LIGHTING)-에 걸친 파워 서플라이를 취급하고 있습니다. 특히, 표준
규격(standard) SMPS"의 경우, 소위 "차세대 SMPS(the next generation SMPS) 기술"로 각광받고 있는 방식들- "공진형
회로 (resonance circuit)", "전류 모니터링 회로(current monitoring circuit)", "동기 정류형 회로 (synchronous rectifier circuit)"
등을 도입하여 양산에 성공함으로서 기존 국내외 표준(standard) SMPS 시장구도에 새로운 업계 표준(Norm)을
제시하고자 합니다.